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Thyra Moore’s Rambling River acrylic painting. Lines and shapes in teal, blue, green, rust and gold.

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Often my art is created in a series. There is a mood or energy or theme that unifies a certain group. You can view by collection below. 

The paint is still wet and in the works on most of this series.
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The Ignite Collection is about that spark that starts it all. That tiny ember which is hard to extinguish and when fanned turns into something big. See the entire collection by clicking here.

This collection includes works about the beginnings of love stories. When the energy runs high. Those times when there is curiosity, intrigue, anticipation and excitement. I hope you enjoy seeing them and perhaps even connect with a few. To see the entire collection.... click here.

Does this have you thinking about your best friends? And the secrets they know? You know, those times, events, things you have said that no one else knows? Enjoy exploring.... to see the entire collection, click here.

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It's Always Been About Art And Animals

My Story took a curious path. Here are some fun facts you might enjoy.

The Magic Happens Here

From adversity to optimism my process represents cycles in life.

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