Dynamic Curl



Dynamic Curl

Unleash the hidden power of the ocean with “Dynamic Curl,” an abstract piece that encapsulates the very essence of a wave on the verge of transformation. The pulsating energy of this piece will stir your soul, evoking the awe-inspiring sensation of witnessing nature’s fierce ballet.
Allow your imagination to ride the crest of an endless wave, feeling the exhilaration that comes from surrendering to the moment. This piece is a reminder that just like the ever-changing tides, life too is full of opportunity and transformation.
Let “Dynamic Curl” become a statement piece in your collection, embodying your resilience and passion for life’s boundless possibilities. Acquire this mesmerizing work of art and let its captivating energy wash over you, stirring a desire for growth and exploration deep within.


SIZE: 12″ x 12″ x 2.75″
Approx 30.4cm x 30.4cm x 7cm

SURFACE: Created on cradled Gessobord with archival surface.

FINISH: Varnished with UV gloss varnish. Edges are painted warm dark and ready to hang or can be framed for a custom finish.


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