Ambitious Surf



Ambitious Surf

Introducing Ambitious Surf: A Dynamic Abstract Dimensional Painting
Experience the raw power and beauty of the ocean with Ambitious Surf, a proud member of the Undercurrents Collection, is a testament to the interplay of texture, color, and emotion.
Ambitious Surf boasts a blend of rich dark greens and blues, reminiscent of the depths of the sea. The heavily textured surface, accentuated by carefully added materials, invites you to immerse yourself in a multi-sensory journey. The off white and lighter teal and blue evoking the crashing waves and frothy surf against rugged rocks. These subtle touches create a sense of movement and fluidity, capturing the essence of a tempestuous sea. Hints of rust and gold add intrigue and depth to the composition, reminiscent of weathered rocks basking in the warm glow of sunlight. These delicate accents infuse the artwork with a touch of ethereal beauty, amplifying its visual impact.
The Undercurrents Collection represents a celebration of hidden depths and untamed emotions. Ambitious Surf epitomizes the collection’s essence, offering a profound exploration of the interplay between water, rocks, and light. This painting serves as a gateway to the mysterious realm of crashing waves and the relentless force of nature.
Ambitious Surf is destined to make a powerful statement in any setting. Its commanding presence and intricate details demand attention, drawing viewers into a world where nature’s raw energy converges with the artistry of the human hand. Invite the spirit of the ocean into your home or office with Ambitious Surf. This piece transcends mere decoration—it embodies an invitation to contemplate the untamed beauty that lies beneath the surface.
Enrich your art collection with Ambitious Surf today, and embark on an exploration of the undercurrents of creativity and emotion. Allow this captivating artwork to transport you to the meeting point of crashing waves, rugged rocks, and golden sunlight—the very essence of nature’s power and artistic expression.


SIZE: 12″ x 12″ x 2.75″
Approx 30.4cm x 30.4cm x 7cm

SURFACE: Created on cradled Gessobord with archival surface.

FINISH: Varnished with UV gloss varnish. Edges are painted dark and ready to hang or can be framed for a custom finish.


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