The Magic Happens Here

My process of multi-dimensional art was a subconscious thought which was percolating in the backgroiund of my mind as I explored the desire to create unique art that would give you a piece no one else could have. That idea was then pulled into reality -- real quick by this crazy rescue dog Xena.


Xena ruined many items of clothing, bedding, toys, you name it. In trying to find the positive in Xenaโ€™s ruinous nature, the destroyed items were resurrected to became integral parts of new creations. The short term goal was to keep up with her. Now, thankfully she is trained and not destructive, and I am off and exploring many new ideas. You can sign up for studio news and see what is happening from time to time by clicking here.


Although I may explore unusual materials, I am always conscious of doing my best to make this an archival piece with a long life for you to enjoy for generations to come.

My process can be time consuming as a creation can include various fabric materials which are glued and sealed to try and prevent the air from causing any degradation. With all the layers of paint, everything should be sealed very well.


At times, as you probably have seen, I include other items such as rope, tile, wood, and infinite possibilities. 


Once a piece is completed, I sign the work. I think it is important that you know who created this investment. It is a one-of-a-kind piece which you want your friends to know it's not just any piece of art.

In addition to signing on the front of the work. Details are on the back which include the inventory number, title of the work, paint, and my 'official' signature so you know it is authentic.


Sometimes the edges are stained. But more often they are carefully painted. While working, the edges are protected with tape so they remain clean. Then they are primed, under painted then painted with two coats of paint. This is why they look so nice hanging without the need of a frame. But if you prefer the look of a frame, they can easily be framed. 

From there the work is varnished with a varnish which offers UV protectant. Always try to not hang an original piece of art in direct sunlight. No varnish can fully protect against the damage caused by sun. But we try. 

On the back, I attach D-rings with picture wire (plastic coated wire) appropriate for the weight of the piece. 

And then it is ready to ship to its forever home.










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